RISER results videos

We created a YouTube channel for the RISER project. The channel already contains three videos that summarize some of the key RISER outputs.youtube

Three videos about the core outcomes of the RISER. The video about UpRISER has Mark and Peter describing the creation of the new data library for grassland curing, including high-resolution multi-band RPAS imagery, vegetation indices, site photos, ground-based sensor data, and human observations. The data has been combined into a single, easily accessible geo-database for further research.

The video about firefront tracking using curated crowdsourcing outlines our approach to using emergency call data can be to track the spatial extents of rapidly evolving natural disasters automatically and in real-time.

The video about RISERnet and RISERview introduces the rationale of the developing and deploying the RISERnet sensor networks. The video also touches on the application and visualization of sensor data, using our web-based user interface RISERview.

Each of the videos is short (less than two minutes) and designed to be a simple and engaging introduction to the RISER sub-projects suitable for a general audience. Please do have a look at the videos and do not hesitate to contact the RISER team should you have any comments. We’d also be interested to hear should you have any ideas for more videos that we might develop for our YouTube channel.

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