RISERview is the user-interface to RISERnet. The aim of the RISERview interface is to support situational awareness about sensitive areas monitored by RISERnet. The basic interface is now completed, built using HTML5.0, and able to operate on a range of devices, including smart phones, tablets, as well as laptop and desktop computers.


The RISERview sub-project has three key facets:

  1. Basic interface to RISERnet data: A basic interface for displaying raw RISERnet data can illustrate the potential to visualize and explore the RISERnet data in real time. It is also useful to monitor the condition of the RISERnet system.
  2. Interface to analysis output: On top of the basic interface, future releases will integrate the capability to visualize analysis outputs, such as potential fuel moisture content and bushfire hazard.
  3. Improvements in visualisation methods: The RISERview platform will also be used to test and validate improvements to human decision making, based on human subject experiments. For example, we plan to use future releases in human subject experiments to evaluate the effect of different visualization techniques upon decision making under time pressure or under uncertainty.

The current RISERview 1.0 release already provides the basic platform for browsing the spatial and temporal data generated from RISERnet.

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