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As the RISER project moves into its final stages, one of our goals is to support communication of UpRISER results to the team, and to the wider community. To this end, Peter and Matt edited thee videos which summarize the results of some of the major subprojects completed during the RISER project. The three videos focus on our wireless sensor network, the UpRISER drone imagery, and our crowdsourced firefronts tracking work.

RISERnet & RISERview

RISERvideoThe first video concerns the RISERnet and RISERview system. The summary video explains background to the RISERnet sensor network, and the need for fine-grained sensor data to complement the coarse-grained environmental data typically available today. The video also introduces the architecture for RISERnet system, centered on the IBM InfoSphere Streams platform.

Finally, the video summarizes the RISERview web-based interface to the system. RISERview enables us to remotely check both real-time and historical sensor data.


Mark in videoIn the UpRISER project, we have been assessing if high-resolution UAV imagery can provide useful information about grassland curing that complements the current satellite-based and ground observer-based techniques that CFA is using. The video summarizing the UpRISER project introduces the UAV flights over Moorooduc, Scoresby, and Mallee during the past two summers. Although the data is still being analyzed, the results are helping to understand how drone-based imagery might supplement today’s grassland curing monitoring.

Firefront tracking

The final video summarizes the firefront tracking work, showcased in the last RISER update and recently published in the high-impact journal, Scientific Reports. This journal article is available at: http://www.nature.com/articles/srep24206

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