Journal paper accepted

streamKrigingPaperOur paper “Stream Kriging: Incremental and recursive ordinary Kriging over spatiotemporal data streams” (Peter, Allison, and Matt) was accepted by the journal Computers and Geosciences. The DOI of the paper is doi:10.1016/j.cageo.2016.03.004. The paper covers a new approach to spatial interpolation of sensor data in the context of the stream-processing environment we use with RISERnet. Computers and Geosciences has an impact factor of 2.1.

Peter and Matt also finished the revision of the paper “Real-time estimation of wildfire perimeters from curated
crowdsourcing” (Peter, Matt, Derek, and Kevin) and resubmitted it to Nature Scientific Reports. We are hopeful that our revisions have addressed all the reviewers comments, and are looking forward to the next round of reviews from this high-impact scientific journal (impact factor 5.5).

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