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The paper “Characterizing the shapes of noisy, non-uniform, and disconnected point clusters in the plane” written by Peter and Matt was accepted by the journal Computers, Environment and Urban Systems (DOI: 10.1016/j.compenvurbsys.2016.01.003). The paper examines a specific extension to an established “footprint” algorithm for generating a polygon that characterizes the shape of a set of point. The extension deals better with non-uniform point densities, and disconnected polygonal outputs, that previous approaches.

In addition, we received decisions on two other journal papers under review. The paper “Stream Kriging: Incremental and recursive ordinary Kriging over spatiotemporal data streams” (Peter, Allison, and Matt) submitted to Computers and Geosciences has received a minor revisions decision. The paper “Real-time estimation of wildfire perimeters from curated crowdsourcing” (Peter, Matt, Derek, Kevin) submitted to Nature Scientific Reports was asked for major revisions. Peter and Matt are revising these two papers to address all of the reviewers’ comments, and we are hopeful that these revisions will satisfy the reviewers and editors.

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