Mark, Victoria, and Peter had two meetings to discuss the next step of the UpRISER subproject: writing a paper for publication in a peer-reviewed wildfire management journal. They discussed potential directions of the paper based on the collected data. Due to the incompleteness of the data and the small scale of the study area, it is not possible to compare directly the grassland curing measurements across different sensing strategies. So we are focusing on two other scenarios.

CSIROsensorFirst, we are investigation if the UAV imagery data can be used to model the spatial variation of grassland curing. Then the model can be utilized to optimize ground sensor placement using an established sensor placement algorithm. The outcome may be helpful for the future deployment of terrestrial grassland curing sensors (e.g., the sensor on the right, developed by Environmental Sensing Systems).

Second, we are studying the spatial and temporal characteristics of the UAV imagery data. Through a combination of quantitative and qualitative analyses, we will exam if the UAV data show any useful pattern of grass curing that other existing methods cannot provide. Based on the expertise of the RISER team, we are currently prioritizing this scenario.

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