Change of personnel

JamesJames has maintained the RISERnet network in Olinda since 2013, but left ThinkSpatial earlier this year July, to take up new challenges. We are very grateful for all James’ hard work maintaining RISERnet. In particular, James was not fond of leeches, but never let them deter him from deploying sensors, replacing batteries, or fixing a myriad other technical problems in the field. (James and one of his leeches pictured right!)

We would like to welcome Namo, who has taken over James’
role maintaining RISERnet. To demonstrate to Namo the setup of the RISERnet network as well as fix the latest technical glitches with RISERnet, Peter visited the Olinda site with Simon, Namo, and Cathy, and gave Namo a tour of the RISERnet setup (and no doubt some of the local leeches).

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