Anglesea: A story of disaster and resilience

Mark created a storymap entitled Anglesea: A story of disaster and resilience for our Anglesea initiative (see below). This storymap describes the history and impact of wildfire in Anglesea, and in particular the Ash Wednesday fires, 16th February, 1983. The devastating wildfire highlighted the necessity of constructing resilient communities in wildfire-prone area. The Anglesea community and Anglesea CFA are leading a number of initiatives in order to reduce their vulnerability to fires. The storymap briefly summarizes these initiatives.

RISER became involved in one of these initiatives last year, where we helped demonstrate how modern technologies can improve children’s understanding of wildfire. At the end of the storymap, last year’s work to improve community resilience through education is summarized. In collaboration with Associate Professor Lisa Gibbs from Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, Anglesea CFA, and Anglesea Primary School, the RISER project worked with primary school children helping them to deploy anf maintain a small RISERnet wireless sensor network for real-time monitoring of wildfire hazard in a wildfire-prone environment.



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