Upgrading RISERnet

Peter, Jane and Tom are leading the upgrade of the RISERnet network for Powelltown to collect more reliable field measurements of temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, and fuel moisture content. Fuel moisture content sensors in particular require consistent contact with fuel samples to reduce bias among sensors. However this is difficult to achieve due to the complex composition of fuel in Powelltown. To solve this problem, the fuel moisture content sensors are used to measure the moisture of uniform foam which has a similar drying characteristic to litter fuel. Jane set up an oven experiment to compare the measured moisture of foam with ground truth fuel moisture content measured by scale. If the moisture of foam closely tracks the fuel moisture content, we will be able to collect much more consistent and comparable information of fuel moisture content across the RISERnet network. The results of these experiments over the coming weeks will provide valuable practical information to assist in monitoring fueld moisure.

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