EMV/RISER Workshop

CraigThursday 26th March saw the joint EMV/RISER workshop at the Victorian State Control Centre. Almost 40 participants from across the emergency management sector came together with RISER researchers to discuss applied research from the RISER project. This activity was part of the longer-term objective of better aligning RISER research with practical outcomes for the emergency management sector.

The meeting was opened by Craig Lapsley, who set the scene and wider context for the meeting. RISER researchers and collaborators then gave short presentations on key research activities in the RISER project, including:

  • Matt Duckham gavean overview of the major RISER subprojects, including RISERnet, RISERview, MoistuRISER, and SensoRISER.
  • Dannielle Martin and Mark Garvey gave a joint presentation on the UpRISER project, first exploring the CFA Grassland Curing project and then the UpRISER collaboration on that project.
  • Jamie MacKenzie described the Anglesea CFA and Primary School education project. Simon Fuller and James Romeril then described the work on developing the RISERnet network used as part of that project.
  • Ilkay Altintas showcased the ongoing work at UCSD and the WIFIRE project, with direct parallels and collaboration with the RISER project.

RISERworkshopFollowing the presentations, Allison Kealy chaired an open forum discussion amongst the participants, with a panel made up of Craig Lapsley, Ilkay Altintas, Michael Rumsewicz, and Matt Duckham.

The panel session covered a range of key issues in grounding RISER research in practical uses, including: the role of other sensors, such as cameras, iPhones, sensors on vehicles, or used in other projects like Sense-T; the importance of being problem -oriented, and identifying the information required by decision makers; and making both sensed data and communication of data to decision makers fit for purpose. The coming months will see the RISER team following up these initial discussions to develop further concrete collaborations with the community.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the meeting, with particular thanks to Holly Foster, Allison Kealy, and Peter Zhong for leading the organization of the workshop.


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