Visitors from UCSD

IlkayTimed to conincide with the RISER/EMV Workshop, two leading researchers from our research partners at UCSD will be visiting RISER next week. Ilkay Altintas (right) is Director for the Centre of Excellence in Workflows for Data Science at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC). Ilkay also leads the WIFIRE project in the US, the sister project to RISER.


Jessica Block (left) is a Research Analyst with Calit2 at UCSD, with expertise in sensor networks, remote sensing, and visualization for disaster response. Jessica was part of the team that originally develoepd the RISER project proposal, and has remained a key member of the RISER team, helping to coordinate research efforts between Melbourne and San Diego. Both Jessica and Ilkay will be available for discussions and collaborations in the days before and after the RISER/EMV Workshop next week.



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