Anglesea PS Fire Education

In collaboration with Anglesea CFA, Allison has been leading a project to establish a small RISER network at part of a broader and longer-term fire education initiative. The project aims to establish two small 5-node networks in Anglesea, with Anglesea CFA managing one network and children from Anglesea Primary School managing the second network.

On TAnglesea1hursday 9th October, Simon, Peter, and Matt joined Jamie MacKenzie and Emma Taunt from Anglesea CFA (right) to introduce a group of Y5 Anglesea Primary School children to their sensor network. The children planned where to put their sensors using maps, as well as browsing the latest data on the RISERview web site.


Anglesea3The following week, on Wednesday 15th October, the children left the classroom to deploy the network in their chosen location. Over the coming weeks, the children will maintain the network, replacing batteries as necessary and fixing any problems with the sensors that may occur.

The activity is just one part of a larger and longer-term fire education project involving the whole Anglesea community. The project is using a range of activities to help both children and adults better understand how to live safely in a bushfire-prone environment, a key feature of resilient societies. Our belief at RISER is that resilient information systems, such as RISERnet, have a part to play in supporting such resilient communities. Better integrating these technologies into everyday life makes them more likely to be used and useful, as well as teaching us a lot about the priorities for future research.

Our thanks to all the children, teachers, and CFA volunteers who helped make these two days of deployment the most enjoyable ever!

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