New deployment site: Powelltown

Following discussions in PMC meetings, and in discussion with Kevin we have now identified a second RISERnet deployment site in Powelltown. The precise Powelltown deployment location has not yet been finalized, but will be co-located with a new Department of Forest and Ecosystem Science project (“Managing Bushfire in Tall Mist Forests: Fuel Hazard and Moisture Relationships”). The DFES project aims to refine the inputs to fire behavior models, assisting with adaptive fire management planning. In parallel with RISERnet, the DFES project will be capturing data at the Powelltown site and about fuel hazard and moisture. By deploying at the same site, we will be able to take advantage of cross-validation with the other monitoring occurring at the site, as well as assistance with node deployment and maintenance. The Powelltown nodes will also include the VH400 soil moisture sensor, being tested in the MoistuRISER subproject as another independent mechanism for field measurement of fuel moisture content.

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