RISER UCSD Research Summit

On the 11th and 12th August, Allison, Kevin, and Matt traveled to San Diego for a RISER research summit hosted by our RISER partners at UCSD. The summit aimed to plan closer collaboration between the Melbourne and UCSD teams, as well as coordination between the RISER and WIFIRE projects.








UCSD-KeplerThe first day of the summit was focused on reviewing current activities across Melbourne and San Diego. Matt gave an update and led the discussion on the RISER project activities, and Kevin led a discussion ab
out Phoenix RapidFire. Ilkay Altintas summarized activities in the WIFIRE project from the UCSD side, and gave a demonstration of the Kepler workflow software being developed and used for managing fire modelling workflows.


UCSD-JessicaOther UCSD contributors to the day included Jessica Block, Raymond DeCallafon, Michael Gollner, HansWerner Braun, Monika Braun, Jeff Sale, and Jurgen Schulze. The discussion also covered a WIFIRE Calit2 highschool student project to develop FireTracker: a prototype social media system for fire information.



On the second day discussions focused primarily on concrete collaboration activities. In amongst a range of exciting ideas that came out of the day, two of the primary areas of concrete collaboration were identified as 1. computing performance bounds for environmental sensor networks; and 2. using Kepler as a common platform for workflow and stream processing for dynamic geospatial data. Our objective is to hold a second joint summit in Melbourne in the first half of 2014, with the focus then on disseminating the results of these and other RISER activities to the broader stakeholder community.

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