The second RISER Project Management Committee (PMC) meeting

The second RISER Project Management Committee (PMC) meeting was held at the Office of the Fire Services Commissioner on 23rd April 2014. Matt, Sarah, Kim, and John were at the OFSC, with Jessica and Juerg participating via teleconference. After summarizing the progress in RISER over the past 4 months, the discussion opened more broadly to review and planning. Amongst the key topics discussed were included:

  • Deployment of the remaining RISERnet network, including consideration of deployment in differ- ent locations in Olinda, taking in a wider range of topography and exposure.
  • Potential application of the RISERnet redeploy- able sensor network concept to improve prepara- tion for planned burns.
  • Development of grassland curing research plat- form to help capture crowdsourced data to further support the CFA Observer Program.
  • Ongoing progress in the WiFIRE project at UCSD, and potential for even closer integration with RISER.
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