MSE Iconic Project

mse_vertical_positive_loresWork funded under a MSE (Melbourne School of Engineering) Iconic project, 2011-2013, helped in developing new capabilities for improving expert decision-making in the domains of flooding and bushfires, through the smart of new technologies and new data sources. The project involved a large number of collaborators around the University of Melbourne and more broadly, including: Andrew Western, Matt Duckham, Bill Moran, Doreen Thomas, Allison Kealy,  Michael Stewardson,  Dongryeol Ryu,  Peter Farrell,  Stephan Winter, Marcus Brazil,  Charl Ras,  Joseph Leach, Justin Costelloe, Kevin Tolhurst,  Patrick Lane,  Kim Lowell,  Peter Taylor,  Glenn Wightwick,  Larry Smarr,  Jessica Block,  Sarah Harris,  Liam Fogarty,  Craig Lapsley, Chris Pettit,  and Geoff Earl.

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