Locate16 conference

Peter@LocatePeter, Mark, and Matt each gave a presentation on aspects of the RISER project at the Locate 16 conference in Melbourne. Peter (right) gave a talk in the “Protect” stream about his work on “Real-time estimation of bushfire perimeters from curated crowdsourcing”. The talk introduced how emergency call data, authoritative spatial data, and spatiotemporal analytics techniques can be combined to track automatically the propagation of bushfires.

Mark@LocateIn the same “Protect” stream, Mark (left) gave a presentation on “Using next generation spatial technologies to advance knowledge of grassland curing”. The presentation summarized the UpRISER subproject, including drone imagery collection and the operational considerations for using UAV to support grassland curing monitoring. The high-resolution UAV images revealed considerable spatial details of grassland curing, which cannot be obtained by satellite imagery or ground observers alone.

matt@locate2On the second day of the conference, Matt presented the collaborative work with Lisa Gibbs, Anglesea CFA, and Anglesea Primary School. The RISER project helped to establish a small RISERnet network as part of a broader fire education initiative involving the whole Anglesea community. Matt summarized this work, highlighting the importance of community involvement in longer-term sensor network deployments.

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