Professor Matt Duckham

Matt DuckhamMatt Duckham is an ARC Future Fellow and Professor in the School of Mathematical and Geospatial Sciences at the RMIT University. Matt was a Professor in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering, University of Melbourne before July 2015. Matt brings expertise in spatial computing and spatial visualization, with applications to environmental and emergency geosensor networks.

Associate Professor Allison Kealy

Allison KealyAllison Kealy is an Associate Professor in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering at the University of Melbourne. Allison’s research centers on Global Navigation Satellite Systems, sensor fusion and wireless sensor networks, with application to disaster management and including extensive industry and government collaboration. Allison brings expertise in designing and deploying sensor networks, spatial data capture, and sensor fusion under uncertainty.

Professor Bill Moran

Bill MoranBill Moran is a professor in the School of Engineering at the RMIT University. Before joining the RMIT University, he was the Scientific Director of the Defence Science Institute (DSI) at The University of Melbourne. Bill’s research includes radar technology, theory and applications, information theory and applications, and sensor networks, including extensive collaboration with US and Australian defense agencies. Bill brings world-leading expertise in the foundations of sensor fusion, communication, and computation in sensor networks.

Associate Professor Kevin Tolhurst

 Kevin TolhurstKevin Tolhurst is an Associate Professor in the Department of Forest and Ecosystem Science at The University of Melbourne. Kevin’s research focuses on bushfire modeling, fire behavior, and fire suppression strategies, and the development of fire decision support systems. Kevin is a recognized authority on bushfires, and brings world-leading expertise in both bushfire science, and its application in practice and policy.

Dr Christian Vecchiola

Christian VecchiolaChristian Vecchiola is a Research Scientist at IBM Australia, and Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at the University of Melbourne. Christian’s research is concentrated on designing software systems, particularly multi-agent, distributed, complex, and dynamic systems, with applications to emergency management.

Dr Andrew Rawlinson

Andrew RawlinsonAndrew Rawlinson is a Research Scientist at IBM Australia. Andrew’s research focuses on mathematical modeling, computational and theoretical physics, and implementation of supercomputing and distributed systems, with applications to medicine, ecology, and disaster management. Andrew brings experience in the development of resilient solutions for emergency management and distributed computing.

Professor Larry Smarr

Larry SmarrLarry Smarr holds the Harry E. Gruber professorship in Computer Science and Engineering, and is Director of the California Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technology at the University of California, San Diego. Larry is a visionary pioneer of Internet computing, and brings unparalleled expertise in role of distributed systems for scientific computing and visualization.

Dr Sarah Harris

 arah HarrisSarah Harris is a Research Fellow in the School of Geography and Environmental Science at Monash University. Sarah’s research focuses on fire science and climatology, modeling, and remote sensing applications, including collaborative research initiatives with US and Australian government agencies and research institutes. Sarah brings expertise in fire science and the practical experience required to prioritize data and information requirements in bushfire emergencies.

Dr Juerg von Kaenel

Jürg von KänelDr. Juerg von Kaenel is the associate director of the IBM Research Australia lab in Melbourne. Juerg’s background includes mathematical modelling and computer science to address practical problems such as disaster resilience. Juerg brings a wealth of experience in developing research and software solutions for a smarter planet.

Craig Lapsley

craiglapsley2Craig Lapsely is the first Victoria’s Emergency Management Commissioner. Craig’s role has overall responsibility for coordination before, during and after major emergencies including management of consequences of an emergency. Craig brings nearly 30 years’ experience in the emergency management sector.

John Schauble

john_schaubleJohn Schauble is Strategic Advisor at Emergency Management Victoria, Victoria and Captain of the Sassafras-Ferny Creek CFA. John is a key partner organization contact and a member of the RISER Project Management Committee, bringing his expertise as a policy maker and end user of emergency information.

Professor Kim Lowell

kim-lowellProfessor Kim Lowell is and Science Director at the CRC SI (Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information). In addition to a long history of research in the area of forestry and spatial information science, Kim brings a wealth of expertise in research management, from the CRC and his previous positions, for example as Director for the Centre for Research in Geomatics (CRG) at Laval University. Kim is a member of the RISER Project Management Committee.

Jessica Block

blockJessica Block is a research assistant at the University of California, San Diego. Jessica has helped in organizing per-project workshops on Emergency Management for the RISER team both in Melbourne and in San Diego.

Guy Sharon

Guy SharonGuy Sharon was the Manager of the Model and Information Composition Group at IBM Research Australia. Guy has expertise in the field of active and event-driven technology and was the key IBM contact for the RISER project, as well as a member of the ADMP team.

Dr Peter Zhong


Peter was an IBM Research Intern and a PhD student at the University of Melbourne, supervised by Prof Bill Moran. Peter has been central to helping build and deploy RISERnet, having developed much of the code for the sensor network. Peter is now a post-doc of RISER leading the research of several subprojects, including RISERnetMoistuRISERStream processing, and Firefront tracking.

Mark Garvey

Mark@LocateMark Garvey is the director of Red Bluff Spatial. Mark worked as a scientist and GIS leader at the Country Fire Authority for 32 years. He was the Chair of the Victorian and Australian emergency management spatial information groups (EMSINA). He brings expertise in GIS and remote sensing for disaster management. He is now leading the UpRISER and SensoRISER subprojects.


Dr Simon Fuller

Image 1 copySimon is the director of ThinkSpatial. Simon’s team helped the RISER project with the deployment and maintenance of the RISERnet networks, the development of the RISERview interface, and the collection and processing of drone imagery in the UpRISER subproject. The team brought in expertise in field work, GPS navigation, spatial visualization, and remote sensing.

Dr Azadeh Mousavi

Azadeh MousaviAzadeh Mousavi completed her PhD in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering at the University of Melbourne. She was a PhD student intern at IBM Research Australia. Azadeh’s PhD is on event detection in spatiotemporal sensor data using PGMs (probabilistic graphical models). For the RISER project, Azadeh is working on the MoistuRISER sub-project, using the sensed data to monitor fuel moisture. Before starting her PhD, Azadeh worked in governmental and private organizations in Iran as GIS analyst.

Dr Zaffar Sadiq Mohamed-Ghouse

zaffDr Zaffar Sadiq Mohamed-Ghouse is a Principal Consultant at GHD. He has 16 years of experience in client management, business development, project management, consulting studies, design, development and management of spatial databases, review data framework policies, develop spatial analyses techniques and technology including GIS applications development.