Professor Matt Duckham

Matt DuckhamMatt Duckham is an ARC Future Fellow and Professor in the School of Mathematical and Geospatial Sciences at the RMIT University. Matt was a Professor in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering, University of Melbourne before July 2015. Matt brings expertise in spatial computing and spatial visualization, with applications to environmental and emergency geosensor networks.

Associate Professor Kevin Tolhurst

 Kevin TolhurstKevin Tolhurst is an Associate Professor in the Department of Forest and Ecosystem Science at The University of Melbourne. Kevin’s research focuses on bushfire modeling, fire behavior, and fire suppression strategies, and the development of fire decision support systems. Kevin is a recognized authority on bushfires, and brings world-leading expertise in both bushfire science, and its application in practice and policy.

Dr Juerg von Kaenel

Jürg von KänelDr. Juerg von Kaenel is the associate director of the IBM Research Australia lab in Melbourne. Juerg’s background includes mathematical modelling and computer science to address practical problems such as disaster resilience. Juerg brings a wealth of experience in developing research and software solutions for a smarter planet.

John Schauble

john_schaubleJohn Schauble is Strategic Advisor at Emergency Management Victoria, Victoria and Captain of the Sassafras-Ferny Creek CFA. John is a key partner organization contact and a member of the RISER Project Management Committee, bringing his expertise as a policy maker and end user of emergency information.

Professor Kim Lowell

kim-lowellProfessor Kim Lowell is and Science Director at the CRC SI (Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information). In addition to a long history of research in the area of forestry and spatial information science, Kim brings a wealth of expertise in research management, from the CRC and his previous positions, for example as Director for the Centre for Research in Geomatics (CRG) at Laval University. Kim is a member of the RISER Project Management Committee.

Dr Zaffar Sadiq Mohamed-Ghouse

zaffDr Zaffar Sadiq Mohamed-Ghouse is a Principal Consultant at GHD. He has 16 years of experience in client management, business development, project management, consulting studies, design, development and management of spatial databases, review data framework policies, develop spatial analyses techniques and technology including GIS applications development.